Welding is the process of joining two metal pieces by heating them. It is a process that is used in various industries. There are different types of welding methods that are followed in different industries. In this article, we will see the three types of welding machines.

Spot welders

Spot welders are the welding machines that commonly used in the garages to repair vehicles. Their mechanism is very simple. They work more like a staple gun. There are two copper electrodes that are placed on the layered metal sheets. The electricity flows through these copper sheets, but it does not flow in steel or aluminum. The friction from the metal because of the resistance produces the heat. The heat melts that metal and the sheets are fused together. The welding from the spot welders is very solid. Spot welders are used in garages. You can see these welding spots in the cars that are used to connect the parts.

Spot welding

Brazing Welders

The brazing welders are also called as MIG welders. Some people also call them a hot glue gun. The MIG welders fuse two metal pieces by butting them together. The electrode is clamped to the metal that you are working. The machine feeds a steady wire through the gun which goes onto the metal. In this situation, the wire serves as a second electrode. It forms an electrical arc between the metals. It creates a pool that fuses the metal together. This welding method is also called as gas metal arc welding. In this procedure, a gas called the shielding gas is produced from the gun. It is called as the protecting gas because it protects the welding from being contaminated by the external source. There are a lot of advantages in using the MIG welding process. Some of them are

  • Lightweight gun

The welding gun that is used in the MIG welding process weighs very less when compared to other welding guns in various procedures. Hence it makes the welding process very simple and very easy.

Push torch

  • Push/pull torch

A push/pull torch comes in handy by adding a pulling force to create tension which drastically reduces the chances of buckling. It is very useful because when thin wire is used to weld metals like aluminum, there are possibilities that it might buckle. Push/pull torch eliminates it completely.

  • Soft start

The soft start one of the newest features that you will find in the latest welding equipment. Rather than giving high-intensity feeds, in the beginning, it gradually increases the intensity which gives a very smooth start.

Stud welders

Stud welders

As the name stated, a stud welder is the one that is used to weld studs to a piece of metal. The two metals are joined together by forming an arc between their surfaces. In this process the stud in melted and when it cools the bond is formed. Stud welders are mostly used for dent repairs.